Building Integrity in Communications

Our company is a leader in providing design, production and maintenance support of communications systems for industrial and municipal customers in Southern California. While our products and systems are primarily focused on the physical layer of networked applications, our Municipal Systems business also offers services and systems for Homeland Security, Government and commercial applications. We also provide a wide range of services and support to our customers through our network of subcontractors.

Our company's heritage is rooted in Nickolas Moceri. Nick formed Fiber Optic Solutions as an independent company.

Our Focus
“We can find a solution for any communication system”. That’s a bold statement… but we are confident that we can implement a system that encompasses multiply disciplines to achieve our clients needs and in some cases exceeds expectations.

Our Design
Using the most relevant technologies allows Atlas the flexibility to retrofit as well as build out entire new infrastructure to provide the best ROI for our clients, our technical expertise is unmatched in our ability to provide As-built drawings and Matrix’s for sites that have little or no information on what may be existing; this is crucial for finding what may be utilized saving thousands dollars and down time.

Our Projects
Troubleshooting and assessing existing infrastructure is a vital role to our success and also insures that all options are considered Recent Project Summaries:

Troubleshoot South Bay Water Treatment Facility to Metropolitan Bio-Solids Complex
The City of San Diego’s pipeline and communications network infrastructure was finally linked together, however the signal loss was too great from its South Bay facilities to its Operations Center over 22 miles away using segments patched together and installed collectively over a period of more than 10 years in some areas.

Atlas was able to isolate the problem areas, and fix all the problems without disturbing the citywide plant, lowering the signal loss substantially and establishing the communications link the City required.

New fiber optic network for FPL’s Kramer Juction Solar Site

Our client Florida Power & Light needed to upgrade its fiber optic network and give it room to grow. They required underground and aerial cost estimates to evaluate which would be the most viable solution. We designed the most cost effective system and installed over 2 miles of network infrastructure both incorporating both aerial and underground designs while not disturbing plant operations in the peak of their season.

Hybrid Communications For FPL’s Cabazon Wind Energy Site

Once again our client Florida Power & Light needed a solution that was both cost effective and functional for the SCADA system at their Cabazon Wind location. After assessing the plants needs and its number of turbines, we incorporated a Hybrid communication system using “mesh radio” RF technologies and a backbone fiber optic trunk that would increase reporting speeds without the expense of trenching new fiber optic cable to every wind turbine location.

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